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Sara Eaglewoman

Apache Medicine Woman/Shaman

When Sara Eaglewoman was quite young her family recognized that she had the gifts of intuitive vision and the ability to heal. She is known by many as the Urban Shaman, one who practices the ancient ways bringing them to life to heal and transform in today's world. She brings the gifts of the Eagle to the trenches of today's society and ones own personal life challenges. Described by those who have experienced her work as a "Miracle Worker", "Holy Woman" and a "Doctor of the Soul", Sara Eaglewoman is a conduit of the light, an open channel through which the Great Spirit works. She is a bridge to the Ancestors and Ascended Masters. A mystic and visionary of impeccable discernment, she is the embodiment of integrity and devotion. Eaglewoman transforms your life by changing the "outcome" to "become".

Eaglewomans transformational healing work clears, moves and cleanses energies which are stagnant or blocked so that prosperity, abundance, health and happiness may reside. Through divine alchemy she realigns and redesigns your physical and ethereal bodies going right to the core of where dis-ease originates, so that one may rapidly shift, heal and elevate, creating an expansion in your life beyond what ones linear mind can comprehend. Eaglewoman heals through the purest of hearts, living in, healing, discerning and teaching with her heart mind. Eaglewoman is an Alchemist of the soul and has had her practice for over 25 years. 

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Lily Sheen

Spirit Wolf Healing 

Lily is a Shamanic Healing Arts practitioner and Soul Whisperer offering intuitive, shamanic and spiritual counseling, elemental life-coaching, relationship, couples and career counseling, Reiki (Usui, Karuna, crystal), breath and mantra work, shamanic soul journeys, spirit of the drum healing, guided meditation, past-life regression, chakra balancing, hummingbird flower essence therapy and house-clearing.

Lily began her spiritual journey growing up in the English countryside, where she encountered her first teachers within nature and the spiritual realms.

Throughout her life, she has deepened her learning of Spirit and earth medicine to become an open channel, enabling her to follow her passion to help, heal, guide and teach others to embrace their own soul’s truth.

Working openly in the presence of Spirit with her power totem, Spirit Wolf, and with the help of spiritual guides, angels, ascended masters and animal totems, Lily honors her ancestral roots by blending Celtic, Native American and yogic healing traditions with ancient earth medicine. With her warm, compassionate and down-to-earth style, Lily supports and empowers her clients with unique and transformative sessions.

Inspired by her love of nature, Lily can often be found viewing the world around her through the lens of a camera and creating nature-inspired jewelry for her Calico Sky Arts jewelry line.

If you are ready to make positive changes, access your inner wisdom, align with what is truly possible in your life and move forward confidently on your path, contact Lily for more information and to schedule a session. Lily offers sessions in-person, by phone or via Skype worldwide.

“I would recommend going to see Lily to anyone who feels they are in a bind with a problem and would like advice. Lily brings a lot of positivity and healing but also, as another reviewer mentioned, a sense of empowerment which is exactly what I needed in my situation. She really did change my life, as I realized I needed to change the conversation I was having not only with my family but with myself. She gave me validation of my feelings which she gave me immediately and helped the healing process for me. Highly recommended.” Yelp – Latte K