Amrit Davaa Wellness Center

Helping you to be Happy, Healthy and Pain Free


Our center is focused on your total health and well being. Whether you are looking for help to get healthy, or to maintain your current good health, we have a broad array of health care practitioners here to help you.

We provide an Integrative Medicine approach. Our team of health care practitioners work together to optimize your health, body, mind and spirit. We believe that each individual is born with the best doctor and pharmacy built right inside. Our goal at the Amrit Davaa Wellness Center is to help you tap into your own inner physician to allow healing to begin.

We are dedicated to whole family care including children of all ages, pre-natal/pregnancy, children and adults with challenging conditions such as MS, Autism, and Down's Syndrome, sports injuries, pain management, peri and post menopausal treatment, and much more.

We invite you to make an appointment to begin your journey toward total well being. We are here to serve you on your personal journey to health.